Satellite Broadcasting Services

From broadcast satellite services and digital television and radio services to content management and more, we have the perfect solution for your business both on a small and growing to a large scale. DamSky Satellite offers a wide range of services to meet your rigorous business communication needs.

Satellite Broadcast

As one of the fast growing satellite providers, we offer a whole spectrum of end-to-end broadcast solutions, managed playout services, content storage management via our playout savers to uplink/downlink/turnaround to meet your different needs.

Through our sound knowledge, wide-ranging partner teleport services, extensive fibre network infrastructure and a 24-hour customer support centre, we have all angles covered and will always be there to help our customers.

Our fibre and satellite provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to homes, studios or cable head ends across every continent. We provide 24/7 support from technical teams to deliver uninterrupted transmission and monitoring. With the ever-changing technology, we are aware that selecting the right satellite for your channel is a vital element in your commercial success. We also have many years’ experience working with start-up channels and in successfully expanding existing channels into new markets.

Our customers benefit from our knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of their venture at every stage from studio setup to end distribution of their satellite TV channel. We can help you manage and deliver your content seamlessly for fixed and occasional services at local, regional or global scale.

Satellite Capacity

Elevate your business potential with our comprehensive coverage and bandwidth capacity to meet your business requirements. As a universal satellite communications and teleport services provider, DamSky provides and supports bandwidth capacity over many different regions. We can accommodate individual bandwidth options requirements from small circuits of 0.5 Mhz to full transponder, assuring you of cost-effective satellite communication for your transmission.

We link all your remote studios, playout, live broadcast through satellite, fibre and IP, providing you with seamless global connectivity anywhere, anytime.

Extensive Coverage

Our satellite connectivity and coverage is extensive, with various solutions designed to reach all 7 continents of the world. Our partnerships carry antennas pointing at various satellites. We offer you one of the best coverage available.

End-to-End Control

Enjoy hassle-free, single point of contact from us as we deliver the best service quality to you. This reduces service request turn-around time, enables better management and faster fault recovery.

Fully Monitored Network

Have full peace mind as your system will be monitored 24 hours a day by DamSky Satellite’s certified technical team. Grow your business with us; we offer you the ability to increase bandwidth and scale as your system expands and as the need arises for more requirements.

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